Breastfeeding for Dads – The guide for truly hands-on fathers

Cover of the book Breastfeeding for dads

I have often seen female writers describe the publication of their new book as a ‘book baby’. I wonder if I can make the same claim with the publication of Breastfeeding for Dads? There have certainly been lots of jokes about storks delivering the books when they leave the publisher, but then the Breastfeeding for Dads book is full of dad jokes.

This project has raised lots of eyebrows. When friends ask me what I’m working on they don’t expect to hear about breastfeeding for dads. To be honest, it wasn’t in my future plans until my co-writer Claudia Pfeiffer pitched it to me.

It quickly became apparent there was a need for the book. Claudia works as a doula, accompanying couples, before, during and after pregnancy. She explained how a supportive dad can make a massive difference during the ‘babymoon’ period. And also how many dads can feel isolated after the baby arrives.

We discussed the experiences with our children and decided that the best plan of attack was a short, concise book full of humour and common sense (which is not always that common in times of stress). Something that gives a dad-to-be or new father the tools and soft skills to eliminate as much stress as possible, and to help create a truly strong and supportive new family unit.

Claudia is a trained doula and has lots of experience with brand new parents and I have experience in making complex content entertaining. Plus I would certainly have appreciated the information covered in the book when my two children were born. As a stay-at-home dad who works around the kids I was ‘hands on’ before the phrase started to annoy people. Oh yes, and I’m known for dabbling in a dad joke or two!

Whilst I had to admit that I obviously took on this project because of its business merit, it is very rewarding to work on something that will genuinely help couples. The early feedback from midwives and other professionals working in this area has been extremely positive and the common phrase we hear when discussing the book is: “I wish that had been around when we had children”.

Breastfeeding for Dads is available to order in most book shops. You can check all the information on the Breastfeeding for Dads web site where you can send fun e-cards to anyone you know who is expecting, or who is a new parent. Or you can buy it on Amazon here.

Obviously it will make a fantastic gift – much more useful than another baby outfit the new arrival will quickly grow out of. Which reminds me, I bought my wife a prosthetic leg for Christmas this year. It wasn’t her main present. Just a stocking filler.

Ah dad jokes – you’ve got to love them. Haven’t you?

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